Cost Reduction Programmes

Three year or even annual reviews only provide a snapshot that may not necessarily reflect the constant changes in your businesses purchasing trends.

Some cost saving analysts and providers boast impressive savings across multiple areas, but can often only do so using data from a fixed point in time. Shorter-term gains can easily be offset later in the cycle if product and usage variances aren't adjusted in step with your business needs.

Harper Office's Plus+ Program consistently reviews your purchases, and through a cycle of constant review and improvement, we consult with your business to ensure savings are delivered in the long term. Product lifecycles, redundancy and own brand alternatives are all factors considered when promoting a healthy balance in any business's procurement strategy.

Our Enhanced Business Reviews provide your business with relevant historic data and provide a valuable insight into how we can fine-tune your purchases to deliver best value for money. This is a standard service that we make no charge for as part of our value proposition.

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